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General Purpose Glove
Jenessco stocks general purpose gloves. Gloves are for a broad range of industry.
Gloves made of: leather , nitrile, neoprene, and rubber.
    CE Certification 
Textured Glove
Textured Glove
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Color: Black; Length: 14"; Texture: Rough Finish; Cuff: Jagged Edge; Material: Natural Rubber, Hand size: 11
  SKU: [6514]

Textured Glove
Textured Glove
Leather Welders
Leather Welders
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Can be Used for Abrasive Blasting Color: Gray; Length: 14"; Texture: leather Hand; Cuff: sewn cuff; Hand size: 10
  SKU: [2011/MW]

12" Light Duty Textured Glove
12" Light Duty Textured Glove
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Used for Poultry, Gardening, fishing cleaning ect... Color: white palm/yellow sleeve; Length: 12"; Texture: Rough Finish; Hand size: 7, 8, 9, 10, Unlined Rubber Glove
  SKU: [3012RF]

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